About Us

The Frederick County Democratic Central Committee (FCDCC) is a group of six men and six women elected by Democratic voters during the gubernatorial primary every four years. Committee members are volunteers who work to build the Democratic Party in Frederick County, raise awareness of Party priniciples and positions, and promote the election of qualified Democratic candidates.

2017 Frederick County Democratic Central Committee L-R front: Lauren Beacham, Mari Lee, Deborah Carter – Secretary, Myrna Whitworth – Chair, Helena Madison
L-R back: Michael Sowell – Vice Chair, Josh Cramer, Mark Jafari, Tony Soltero, Tom Gill
Not in photo: Millicent Hall, Bob Kresslein

High Praise from the State Party

Democratic Achievement award

On May 19, 2015, the Frederick County Democratic Central Committee received the party's prestigious 2015 Democratic Achievement award. The award is in recognition of the work the Committee has done to build the party, raise money, identify and recruit great candidates, and, with an aggressive and comprehensive campaign strategy, help them win in 2014.

This is high praise from the state party and a strong acknowledgment of the increasing importance of Frederick County in state politics.

Join Us at Our Meetings!

Meetings are held (usually, but not always) on the 3rd Thursday of each month at 6 p.m. Meetings are posted on the calendar as "FCDCC Meeting" showing date, time and location. All meetings are open to the public; please contact us if you wish to speak at a meeting.